Tree Care

Why is Do-it-Yourself Tree Care Dangerous?

Though it may seem simple, tree work is actually extremely complicated, technical and dangerous. Homeowners have been injured and even killed by falling limbs, faulty equipment, or general carelessness while attempting “do-it-yourself” tree work.

Common accident factors include:

  • Use of extension ladders. If you need to use a ladder for your tree care work, think twice. If your ladder does not extend at least 3 feet past the branch, cutting off the end of a branch will cause the branch to rise up beyond the ladder. Many ladder related fatalities occur this way. Do not make the mistake of setting the ladder on something unsteady to get the reach you need.
  • Improper tools. Faulty tree care equipment, such as a dull chain saw, can cause terrible accidents. It is very easy to lose control or misuse the tools, which often results in a trip to the hospital.
  • Lack of knowledge about tree physics and biology. Aimlessly hacking away at the tree with your axe or chain saw is dangerous! For example, homeowners are often tempted to cut corners by removing limbs in massive, unwieldy sections. The weight makes the limb section difficult to control, and this may damage the tree – or you.

If you are at all uncertain about what could happen by attempting your own tree work, contact us please at 845-398-2300 or [email protected]. Safety is the cornerstone of our profession, and Helmke has the experience and training necessary to navigate hazards.

In particular, Helmke professionals are trained to:

  • Identify trees or branches with decay, cracks or unbalanced weight
  • Avoid nearby overhead electrical wires and other conductors
  • Prevent falls from trees they are working on
  • Remove portions of or entire trees without causing bodily harm or property damage