Interior and Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

Interior painting is an important aspect of household and building maintenance. Nothing can change the way a room feels more effectively than a new paint job, making repainting an essential part of any interior redecorating or remodeling project.

Painting can change a dull, old-fashioned study into a lively, modern family room, or an outdated kitchen into a sunny, sophisticated showpiece.

Interior painting does more for a room than simply establish its style, however. Paint protects surfaces from all sorts of contaminants in the environment, from moisture, dirt, and micro-organisms, to straightforward abrasion. Keeping your interior paint job fresh keeps your walls strong, dry, and sturdy.

Fresh paint also makes a room look – and be – cleaner. Pen and crayon marks on the wall, grease splashes in the kitchen, smooth or grimy patches from fingerprints on the wall, stains from moisture damage, faded areas exposed to direct sunlight, dust adhering to the cracks in painting molding – all of the common wear and tear on interior surfaces can be instantly remedied by a new paint job.

Helmke Industries has years of expertise to offer to your interior painting project, to ensure that your vision for a new interior is completed quickly, flawlessly, and with the highest standards of customer service.

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Helmke Industries is a fully licensed and insured home and commercial painting contractor. We serve Bergen County including areas like Montvale, Upper Saddle River, Tappan, Old Tappan, Norwood, Mahwah, and Northvale, and Rockland County including areas like Valley Cottage, Nyack, Grandview, Blauvelt , Piermont and Tappan. We offer free estimates, for all house painting and commercial painting projects, and stand by our work with a written guarantee.

At Helmke Industries we put quality and customer service first. Our highly trained and experienced craftsmen are dedicated to making sure that you, the customer, are completely satisfied with your home or commercial project. It is our goal to gain you as a customer for life.

High Quality Interior Exterior House and Commercial Painting and Home Improvement.

canstockphoto15394143All of our work is performed by our expert craftsmen who are thoroughly screened, including a criminal background check, before being selected to our team. Our craftsmen go through extensive training to be professional, energetic, and courteous. Our past clients have been very satisfied.

With exterior painting, common problems occur such as peeling, blistering, moisture, alligatering, dirt and mildew, vinyl siding warp, fading, lapping, paint incompatibility, wrinkling, surfactant leaching. Helmke Industries has the experience and expertise to deal properly with all these issues.

Exterior painting is a critical step in protecting a home or building from the elements. Outdoors, construction materials are beset by constant erosive forces: sun, rain, wind, temperature changes, micro-organisms, dirt and grime, physical abrasion . . . and that’s just to name a few. The materials we cover the outside of our buildings with are designed to shelter the interior from everything that nature throws at it – and the very first line of defense is the exterior paint job.

Chemists and paint engineers have carefully crafted paints that can offer protection from water, UV radiation, chemical exposure, microorganisms, physical abrasion, and more. Exterior paint takes a beating from those same elements, however, and ought to be refinished periodically in order to ensure optimal protection. A building’s exterior is also what makes the first impression on passers-by, so it is extra-important that it always come out looking fresh and new.

The concept of ‘curb appeal‘ – that people judge a home or building based on what it looks like from the curb – has been well established by real estate agents and home-buyers. The wrong exterior paint job can make a house look small, awkward, tacky, or even dirty. The right exterior paint job, on the other hand, can make a house look spacious, welcoming, and luxurious.

Painting an exterior can be a delicate process; you need to be aware of the weather, and the other environmental factors that can make your paint job fail during its vulnerable curing stage. Helmke Industries has been offering expert exterior painting services in the Rockland and Bergen County areas for over 25 years; we can ensure that your home or building ends up well-protected and with the highest possible curb appeal.

By identifying the problem that exists we will be able recommend & implement the correct solution for your home or business. Please call us 845-398-2300 to schedule a consultation.