Hardwood Flooring

For centuries, hardwoods have been a traditional, practical and beautiful choice for homes and businesses, adding the warmth that only hardwood floors can provide. In Bergen and Rockland County homeowners have trusted Helmke Industries for quality craftsmanship and quality service when remodeling, refinishing, or building a new home.

From basic hardwood flooring to intricate and decorative borders to durable kitchen wood floors, Helmke Industries uses only the best finishes and materials available. With our variety of styles, woods, stains, and finishes you are sure to find exactly what you want.

Hardwood flooring in your home is a statement of value and beauty that must also be functional and easy to maintain. Because the floor is the most used surface in your house, Helmke Industries takes pride in finding that balance of beauty and low upkeep for each client’s hardwood flooring choice. Our professional, knowledgeable team is ready to provide you with a free personal consultation to take place in your home.


Ash Hardwood Flooring
Ash is prized for its hardness, strength and versatility. It’s used in many applications including boat building and baseball bats. As a floor, Ash is the perfect choice for high traffic areas and for homes near the ocean or lakefronts. This wood accepts stains with ease or looks exceptional finished natural. Ash brings life to any room.

White Oak Hardwood Flooring
This flooring is stable, durable, and striking. This precision milled timber adds “craftsman style” and radiant heat performance to any quality home.

Hickory Hardwood Flooring
Hickory is the hardest hardwood. It features striking color variations from light creamy almond tones to deep rich browns. Hickory is sought after by designers and homeowners looking to create an Adirondack home style ambiance or a rustic log cabin look. Rugged and handsome, Hickory can be stained to create many other looks as well.

Red Oak
Red Oak is the most popular wood flooring choice among homeowners and builders. Partly due to its versatility as a flooring option and to its low average price point. It has a proven durability with timeless design options. It stains well and holds up to both residential and to heavy commercial traffic

American Black Walnut Hardwood Flooring
The richest in color of all nut bearing trees, walnut has graced the homes of Americans since colonial days. It’s deep brown color with subtle shade variations is impossible to match with any other wood.
Although walnut stains are applied to other species, the rich tones and grain variation cannot be matched.

American Cherry Hardwood Flooring
Cherry has been an integral part of our American culture. Although not always suited for high traffic areas, the discerning homeowner can gain a warm and rich texture from this valuable historic floor.

Yellow Birch Flooring
Yellow Birch has a mellow, laid back grain, but coupled with its subdued color variations, can create a very modern feel. Yellow birch often has an iridescent, almost 3-D figuring to the grain creating a true show-piece for your floor. The color variations can include light colored sap-wood to a rich reddish brown heart wood

Maple Hardwood Flooring
Northern Hard Sugar Maple and Rock Maple continue to be one the most utilized and requested hardwood floors. Unmatched hardness and durability, our maple can be graded for a consistent light color tones or, can be graded to include wonderful smoky tans and browns marbled within the floor.