Damage & Prevention FAQs

Q: How should I approach a tree entangled in wires?

Don’t. Trees may become energized when they are contacted by electric wires. Contact your power company, and they will arrange to have the debris safely removed.

Q: How do I determine if my tree is “at-risk”?

There are many factors that put a tree at risk. Contact with electric wires, dead or dangling limbs, cracks, decay, peeling bark, and gaping wounds are all indicative of an unstable tree. Helmke can catalogue these risks, as well as identify defects invisible to the untrained eye.

Q: How do I help an “at-risk” tree?

Many trees which suffer from weak branches unions or other defects can be helped by strategic pruning, bracing or cabling. Call us 845-398-2300 to ensure you are effectively mitigating the risks.

Q: Will my insurance cover damage caused by a tree?

It depends on the circumstances and the insurance provider. Many home insurance policies can help defray the costs incurred by tree damage and removal. Check with your provider to confirm your coverage.