The History of Alpine, NJ, Part I

We love our local neighborhoods here at Helmke Industries, and we are also love our local history.  So over the next few months we will be featuring some interesting historical information about some of our favorite neighborhoods like Nyack, Piermont, Sneden's...

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Once winter releases its grip, it will be time for homeowners to get outside and inspect their properties for seasonal damage. Besides the snow and ice, the biggest culprits of the winter months a group of very specialized pests and de-icing salts, all of which can...

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Tree Work and Tree Care information

Why is Do-it-Yourself Tree Care Dangerous? Though it may seem simple, tree work is actually extremely complicated, technical and dangerous. Homeowners have been injured and even killed by falling limbs, faulty equipment, or general carelessness while attempting...

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Spring Cleaning

“Spring Cleaning for the Landscape” - Georgianna Wells, M.L.A. Master of Landscape Architecture, Syracuse University, SUNY ESF Landscapes, like interiors benefit from renovations and upgrades every few years.  Many plantings look great in the beginning, but over time...

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