About John G Hemlke, President

John Helmke

John Helmke

John’s father Ed Helmke started Edward Helmke & Co., Inc. in 1958. John decided to take after his father and started cutting lawns in the neighborhood in the late 1970’s when he was 16 years old. John was eventually given the responsibility for some of the larger accounts like old The Nanuet Mall, which the company handled for many years. In 1979 John started his own company Helmke Industries. His first commercial job was the New City Condos, which are still there today. John fashioned his company after a friend of his in the industry Dick Brickman.

John believes that the consistency of quality that he can offer his clients starts with the consistency of his personnel. He believes in keeping employees for a long time, and it shows in the work the company produces on regular basis. Customers also appreciate seeing the same people at their home every week.

Every home owner that signs a contract for lawn maintenance and/or snow plowing will be able to feel confident in a few things:
We will take the time to listen to exactly what you want done to your property. It’s a simple but important process to make sure the homeowner feels comfortable with exactly what will be done. We will listen to your needs and make sure to maintain that communication throughout the year. We also have customers that are so pleased with their service that they never have to take the time to call us. We reach out to them anyway, just to make sure they are completely satisfied.

canstockphoto4736054We will provide these services in a way that is convenient for each customer. Don’t ever hesitate to tell us how we can do better. We will be checking your lawn every time we come for a maintenance visit to see what can be done to make it better.
Our customers always know what to expect, and we take the contract between client and business-owner seriously. Everything will be clearly written on your proposals – no surprises.

We will never sacrifice quality for more clients. We only take on as many clients as our professional crews can handle, while taking the time to focus on quality work.

In 35 years, we have never missed a week of service for our clients. We are proud of this record, and we welcome you to ask for references from a few of our many happy customers. Consistency is important to Helmke Industries and we strive to keep our record of no missed weeks going for a long time.

canstockphoto4247088When you hire us you are hiring a professional company. We have the right equipment for each job. We keep all of our trucks and equipment in top condition. We are licensed and insured so you never have to worry about being liable for any accidents on the property. It’s extremely rare for anything to happen but this gives every home owner piece of mind. In addition, Rockland County Consumer Protection requires that every contractor at your home are licensed with the county and therefore carry all the proper insurance. This is for your protection as a home owner.

You are hiring an expert in lawn care. The same company is doing your lawn cutting, irrigation, weeding, fertilization and treatments – this assures that you will have a healthy lawn even in difficult seasons which might be especially wet or dry. Fertilizations and treatments are important for green lawns – and only an expert can assure quality application of these specialized products.

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