Helmke Industries, located near the border or Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ, would like you to know that if you’re going to be investing in any kind of home renovations, and plan on acquiring a contractor, you want to choose the most dependable and honest one you can find. There are a few first-rate contractors left out there it just takes a little effort to find one sometimes. It doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process if you hire John Helmke.

Everyone is giving close consideration to their budget these days but that doesn’t mean you should go with the cheapest contractor either. Your home is probably among your highest value investments and you don’t want to do anything to risk its value.

Not only do you need to be sure you’re getting someone who is capable of getting the job done but also someone who will use excellent, quality materials when doing the job, and do it at a reasonable price.

However, if one contractor claims he can do the job for a much cheaper price than the others, you should be doubtful, because it’s likely that he’s going to be skimping on something significant. One of the best ways to determine if a contractor is right for you is to ask for a few references. This way they won’t use shoddy equipment and fence materials, cut corners and charge you for things that don’t make sense.

Make hiring Helmke Industries a priority and increase the value of your biggest investment – your home.
This request is very reasonable, so if anybody can’t do it to, you might want to cross them off your list. You should check out these references, and ask permission to see what the contractor has done. Additionally you should ask some questions to the people on the list, like how happy were they with the contractor’s work and if there were any issues at all. Asking them simply if they’d choose to use this contractor again is probably the most useful question of all.

Contractors are accountable for many things, one of which is making sure they have the required licenses and insurance. These things can expire anytime in a 12 month period, so be sure you only  accept a current license.  Contractors should also be registered with their accredited trade organization, like in this case the National Association of Landscape Contractors, which Helmke Industries actively participates in every year.

Obtaining a reputable contractor like John Helmke is generally the smartest method to get a job for home improvement done in the manner you hoped for. As long as you keep the above tips in mind, you shouldn’t have any problems. Obviously, previous to hiring anyone or signing any contracts, you need to check everything out. Hence, don’t feel a sense of urgency to obtain someone, yet be sure to locate top individual for the situation.

Please call us for a free consultation or to discuss any of these issues so that you can feel completely confident and comfortable that you are hiring the right contractor for you home or business.  You can call us (845) 398-2300 or email us [email protected] anytime! Our friendly staff is waiting to assist you with your landscaping and home improvement needs.